About us

Rwanda Farmers Coffee Company (RFCC) is a large-scale coffee roasting and packaging facility producing excellent roasted coffee from the highest quality green beans located in Kigali, Rwanda/East Africa. A one-stop source for wholesale coffee beans, supplying coffee lovers in the region and worldwide.

With our state-of-the-art roasting machinery expertly sourced from Italy, Rwanda farmers has the capability of producing up to 3 tons of consistent roasted coffee per day. Ability to produce high volumes of consistent quality makes us an ideal supplier to large supermarkets chains/ Groceries, Coffee Shops, Cafes & Bakeries, Colleges and Universities, Offices, Restaurants and Food Service Operations, wholesalers, e-businesses and well-connected distributors, capsules Kcups business and agents

We Deal With Quality Organic Products!

  • Fresh Coffee
  • Dry Coffee

RWANDA Products

We’ve the privilege of being located at the origin working with farmers and refining our craft and continue to pursue the highest quality, consistency, and execution in our coffee roasting and retail operations. For a fresh roast coffee, serve and share of the best coffees requires a great passion and partnership.